6 Health benefits of Paragliding

6 Health benefits of Paragliding


Paragliding is a popular recreational and competitive sport that attracts millions of enthusiasts worldwide. It is not simply a leisure activity during your vacation, but it is a well-known sport, which offers a wide range of health benefits as well. Here are some important health benefits of Paragliding.

1. Maintains Body Balance

balance required in paragliding

Paragliding involves many muscles of your body including central positioning muscles of pelvis and trunk and the thigh abductor muscles. This activity demands activity of all center muscles of the body, and thus strengthens these muscles by providing more control and reducing chances of muscle injuries while exercising.

2. Release of the hormone Adrenaline

adrenaline rush

Many people are unaware that adrenaline is essential for your overall health and is a great survival device. While doing paragliding, the very activity of flying along sky can give you a sense of actuality on top of the world and this boosts adrenaline flow through your body. It also provides an ultimate feeling of excitement with a flow of high spirits as a result of your body’s response to the adrenaline high. You become more energetic with a much clearer sense of perspective ab out things around.

3. Burns Calories

calories burnt

As per studies by experts you can burn approximately 230 calories per hour in a normal paragliding session. Due to the high adrenaline rush you experience during this activity, it is considered as an immensely energy burning activity.

4. Improves upper body strength

body strength

In paragliding, you need to control the parachute using your arms which in turn improves the arm strength. Improved upper body strength can help you with increased mobility, suppleness and ease of motion. If your upper body strength is not up to the mark, you may tend to get injured easily and diseased, which may spoil your quality of life.

5. Stress Release

stress release

Paragliding is considered as an excellent stress relief as you tend to forget all your sorrows and tensions while you do this activity. Here you need to singularly focus on what you are doing and this deep sense of focus and adrenaline high helps you get out of other things and cleansed.

6. Overall health Boost

health boost

It gives an instant boost to your overall health by providing sunlight and fresh air aplenty and being exposed to nature enhances your body’s immune system as well.

Therefore, indulging in a sport like paragliding not only leaves you with an amazing experience but also a healthy mind and body. So make sure you keep paragliding in your itinerary the next time you visit Sikkim.

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