Among adventure sports, Paragliding is very popular in India and also all over the world that involves flying par gliders. Para gliders are free-flying, lightweight glider aircraft that is needed to be launched by the foot and has no primary structure. There is a support or harness suspended from a fabric bring consisting of numerous baffled cells those are interconnected. The pilot sits on this harness and controls the navigation of the aircraft. It does not make use of any engine and despite that fact; the flight can last for many hours and cover hundreds of meters. The general norm is flying for 1-2 hours and covering few tens of kilometers.

Hug with the thrilling experience of Adventure Paragliding

Paragliding adventure has a lot to offer and whether you are planning to visit Sikkim or Gangtok, make sure that this is a part of your travel itinerary. You do not need to have any prior training or experience in order to try this out and we here at Fly Sikkim offer you experienced pilots to ensure that you paragliding journey is safe.

The Himalayas and its surroundings are beautiful and the bird's eye view that you get of the snow capped mountains and the beautiful valleys is simply breathtaking. We take you many meters up in the sky so that you can experience the creation of Mother Nature at her best. The serenity and peacefulness that you find up there is difficult to be described. Paragliding Adventure is something that you will remember forever.

Fly Sikkim offers you experienced pilots for the perfect adventure paragliding. You just need to sit on the harness and experience the picturesque surroundings and our pilots do the rest.

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