Paragliding is an enjoyment, thrilling and comparatively comfortable way to fly. An inflatable wing and harness are used to experience this free form of flying. A key benefit over other forms of flight is the ability of the pilot being able to pack up and carry his glider on foot after his/her flight. This basic form of aircraft offers the pilot unobstructed views and the full feeling of being outside flying through the air.paragliding training field Paragliding is very accessible for people of all ages and fitness levels, most will successfully complete the course and enjoy enjoy the freedom of flying solo.

A paragliding license is obtained by attending training through a qualified instructor. These courses can be completed in as little time as nine days. Once qualified, continued practice and learning helps progress the pilots' skills and safety.

An easy way to try the sport is to take a tandem paragliding flight. This involves a flight with an instructor and gives you the experience without attending a piloting course first.

Paragliding is classed as an extreme sport and as with any aviation has inherent risks. However, with the appropriate skills, equipment and weather conditions the risks are can be minimized.