A breathtaking experience in Sikkim

Sikkim lying in northeast India has always been a popular tourist destination owing to its natural beauty comprising of beautiful snowcapped mountains and crystal clear waterfalls. However, there is another thing that is making Sikkim famous and that is for being a paragliding hot spot. Your trip is incomplete if you do not try out paragliding in Sikkim.If you've ever dreamt of flying like a bird, we, at Fly Sikkim Adventure, make your dream come true.

Adventure sports lovers from all across the world are coming to this small Indian state to experience paragliding at its best.

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Sikkim Paragliding the extremely enthusiastic Adventure Sports

Paragliding in Sikkim is slowly getting popular as it offers perfect sites and ridges for making paragliding a great experience, especially for people who are trying it out for the first time. The Sikkim Paragliding Festival is a perfect example for the same. It was organized by the Department of Tourism and Civil Aviation and Paragliding Association of India. There were more than 60 participants, both Indians and foreigners and the event was a huge success. It was a 4-day long event and its main aim was to promote Sikkim at the global level as a highly sought after paragliding event.

Why Fly Sikkim Adventure?

The beauty of the Himalayas and its surroundings is best experienced from the top. We have a team of highly dedicated and experienced Sikkim paragliding pilots who make your paragliding experience an unforgettable one.

We take care of all safety measures as for us your safety is our primary concern. Our pilots help you to fly like a bird and often take you a few thousands of meters above the sea level and create memories those stay engraved in your minds forever.

Contact us today to have an experience of a lifetime here at Sikkim.